Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Joe Budden (Best Rapper or at Least top 5-10)

This man loves to draw attention... espcially BEEF !... with him fucking wit the lovely Somaya Reece now he'a on his high horse. Tahiry is old news got a REAL BITCH now.. No disrespect. Joe has been in my TOP 5 since i was 13. His first album, Mood musik 1-3 and his recent cd's; Escape route, Padded Room, Half way House, Slaughter house.. and thats just in 09'. He is a lyrical Asasssin a REAL MC. I respect joe so much for how he stayed true to him while being criticized for it. His only flaw is them bitch ass party songs (pump it up, Etc)... Oh yeah tell this nigga Joe (@Mousebudden)VIA TWITTER to unlbock me fromm twitter bitch ass nigga !


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