Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Aim Convo... INTENSE !

You can't even see her face

yepp its Gab 7:07 pm

yepp its Gab 7:10 pm
Like I'm crying an u don't care

JiiGGy JuS 7:11 pm
chill the fuck out dleete me and no1 will see

yepp its Gab 7:12 pm
Justin marissa sees it she seen then first one
An she will tell my mom
An shell spazz

JiiGGy JuS 7:14 pm
i dont think we can b freinds
thks for everything bye

yepp its Gab 7:17 pm
Please justin

JiiGGy JuS 7:17 pm

yepp its Gab 7:18 pm

JiiGGy JuS 7:18 pm
Deborah Cox - We Can't Be Friends

yepp its Gab 7:18 pm

yepp its Gab 7:20 pm
Dean will see it n spazz u juss don't care
Funny thing is u promised me.
Not like that ever ment shit to you to begin with

JiiGGy JuS 7:27 pm
chill out leeem finish blogging like its a pciture not like a sextape
my god
really after this its done i cant its 2009 not 1864 for real

yepp its Gab 7:28 pm
Whatever good bye.
I'm dead bout to call yah mom

JiiGGy JuS 8:02 pm
its gone

yepp its Gab 8:03 pm
Thank you enjoy life

JiiGGy JuS 8:03 pm

yepp its Gab 8:04 pm
Its still there son delete it
For attention you would sell yah soul to the fucking devil

JiiGGy JuS 10:49 pm
leave me ALONE !

yepp its Gab 10:50 pm
Nah son leave me the fuck alone
Why can't u just leave me alone dead ass you ganna make me do some drastic shit
I'm so serious stop putting me out there like I'm one of ur hoes cuz I'm not
Stop using me as a fucking guessing game so niggas can think something more of u cuz its fucking corny
Grow up move an an stay the fuck away from me

JiiGGy JuS 10:51 pm
suck my dick
fall back

yepp its Gab 10:51 pm
Yo put it up one more time justin
Dead ass

JiiGGy JuS 10:52 pm
stay off my FB dead ass
yepp its Gab 10:52 pm
Disrespect me one more time an I will not hesitate to do what ever I fucking can
stop putting it up u fucking corn

JiiGGy JuS 10:52 pm
u not my firend
yepp its Gab 10:52 pm
Like really is it that serious?

JiiGGy JuS 10:52 pm
we dont have the same friends
eat a dick

yepp its Gab 10:53 pm
My cousin seen it u stupid inconsiderate prick
An that's me an my body you putting out there
Don't violate
Iight like I said put it up there one more time.
An ill do what I have to to make sure its down
Your on some other shit its pathetic
Your fucking CRAZY
On some g shit yu should of slit yah wrist the mother fucin correct way an kilt yahself the first time


as much as it hurts we gonna have to say goodbye 12.13.07 x/3

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