Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Internet Thugs (I Seen you get beat up nigga)

----Matthew - Why my babymother keep getting tagged in this dude videos whats realy hood

----Justin Marcus Campbell Should i take this as a question or disrespect but cause too keep it funky nigga i knew TAY long b4 u homie... its only FB so b easy but i mean if its a problem let me know cause i have no problem letting you know "WHATS REALLY REALLY HOOD"... don't let the glasses and bubbles get u twisted homie

----Matthew you talking wild crazy as if theres something I shoild kno we dont kno eachotha lets keep it that way. I really dont care if you kno her befor me so simmer down no need to take this out of control I saw something i ask figured someone would say somthing

----Justin Marcus Campbell Respect it but you came at me my G .. understandable its FB tho like no need to get Gully online i didnt ask to know you care to know you personally.... so take it how you want and get it how you live.. point blank

--- Matthew Na no beef thats my daughters mother feel me it wasnt tryen come at nobody neck basic jus wanted to see wat was good if its nothing thats wat it is you have a happy thanksgiving

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