Thursday, November 26, 2009

Artist Spotlight - Wale (DC's Own)

WALE (Not WHALE BITCH) .... i first heard him on a track calledKICKS where this man went STUPID crazy on this shit. after that i became a fan. hearing various songs he had i thought he was DOPE. He was on some "Go-Go" shit at a point that i didnt understand but being in the DMV that shit is POPPIN its like house music to Chi-Town. Wale is a RocNation artist who has been crowned 1 of the next best in HI HOP and with his latest album Attention Deficit i will agree he is 1 of the next best !

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Damn Homie in 01' You was the MAN HOMIE, Fuck Happened to You ?

Lil Zane


Lil mo

Da Brat


40 Cal

Black Rob


Flavor Flav

Faith Evans

Missy Elliot




Trick Daddy




Da Band

Morris Chestnut



Honarable Mentions;
Peedi Crack
Eddie Murphy
Carlton Banks
Jagged Edge
Pretty ricky
All You Battle Rappers
Free & AJ
Cousin Skeeter
Theo From the Cosbys
Bin Laden

Internet Thugs (I Seen you get beat up nigga)

----Matthew - Why my babymother keep getting tagged in this dude videos whats realy hood

----Justin Marcus Campbell Should i take this as a question or disrespect but cause too keep it funky nigga i knew TAY long b4 u homie... its only FB so b easy but i mean if its a problem let me know cause i have no problem letting you know "WHATS REALLY REALLY HOOD"... don't let the glasses and bubbles get u twisted homie

----Matthew you talking wild crazy as if theres something I shoild kno we dont kno eachotha lets keep it that way. I really dont care if you kno her befor me so simmer down no need to take this out of control I saw something i ask figured someone would say somthing

----Justin Marcus Campbell Respect it but you came at me my G .. understandable its FB tho like no need to get Gully online i didnt ask to know you care to know you personally.... so take it how you want and get it how you live.. point blank

--- Matthew Na no beef thats my daughters mother feel me it wasnt tryen come at nobody neck basic jus wanted to see wat was good if its nothing thats wat it is you have a happy thanksgiving

ABC Freestyle

Rob Stapleton (Bad Boys of Comedy)

We Inhale Smoke Everday Getting Under Your Skin


Jiggy Jus - Ceo

Yung SB - President // Artist

Dirt Dollaz - Vice President // Artist

Special Ed - Manager

Fire Fire - Artist

Tc Lundy - Artist

Lil Boo Boo - DJ

Saint Sinner - Family

Killa Kelz - Family

Johnny Soft Hands - Family

EmmaHundreds - Model

Wise Guys Bitches !

Soulja Boy (is Fucking Nice)

You gotta respect it if nothing else....


My Fav in Order

Joe Budden
Crooked I
Joell Ortiz
Royce Da 5'9"

and that was hard to do...

Bad Bitch #4 Somaya Reece (Mrs. Buddens)

Special Ed...

this is my guy right here my ACE. Special Ed, one of the realest niggas to date. He's a Ball-a-holic hooping it up in College (NYU)

So ladies hit the boy Eddie Ortiz up on Facebook or suttin !!

Bad Bitch #3 - Gloria Velez (Ms. Velez if you Nasty)

Bath Time Grind (Pt. 4)

This shit gonna make me famus, Rappers gonna use this agaisnt me i know it... SMH

Love Letters

Love Letters.... Wrote this when i was 13 !!!

Artist Spotlight... Aime to the Sky !

This is my dude. Aime to the Sky...

We actually went to HS together i remember him rapping some lyrical shit in the hallway. He has matured into not only a RAPPER but a MC wit 2 Mictapes under his belt his destined for greatness. Can't wait to see you in the STARS HOMIE !!


Battle me Biiiiitttttccccchhhh !!!

You Don't want to do that though... understandable

Randomness.... Real World Blogger !

Family Business

Meet Saquaya Ruffin <-- This is my cousin. She's the fucking GENIUS she in like Harvard and shes a baby, lol. Love her to death i remember being in the park as a kid gettin hit in the head wit the swing crying like a bitch wit her mom there. She smokes WEED NOW TOO shes my fucking role model. and yo do anyone tell you you remind them of Ebony ?, lmfao !! Love you yo !!

CHECK HER BLOG !!! ----->

EmmaHundreds (Cali Love)

So ummm i met her on twitter recently. She's a dope chika from Cali. I Think i fell in love online lmfao. (You gotta admit shes Fierce !)

Seriously tho shes cool and i don't know any Cali slang expect for "Hella" but im such a Brooklyn boy, but if i did she'd be the new word for HOT ! (Hella Sexy)

But yo holla at her on

O yeah she got SOLE.

Don't try to Bag tho she MINE NIGGAS ! <-- LMFAO - Wise Guys First Lady ? (Wise Gal)

I Need 5 Star Bitch.... Seriously

"Need a 5 Star Bitch to compliment me/ Jiggy, Fat ass, Big Titties"

Bad Bitch #2 - Trina (Diamond Princess)

Bath Time Break Session #3

Yeah i'm clean on my rev run shit, no blackberry just bubbles and my gun bitch !

On that Killa Shit Freestyle

Just a sidenote we freestyle all of this EVERY VIDEO !!!!.... you can tell by some of the flows or words like (jiggy jus holds the camera, Gotta boil the water get it cold ?... lol)


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm a Asshole.. So What !

its either Shit or get Shitted on you feel me ?

Aim Convo... INTENSE !

You can't even see her face

yepp its Gab 7:07 pm

yepp its Gab 7:10 pm
Like I'm crying an u don't care

JiiGGy JuS 7:11 pm
chill the fuck out dleete me and no1 will see

yepp its Gab 7:12 pm
Justin marissa sees it she seen then first one
An she will tell my mom
An shell spazz

JiiGGy JuS 7:14 pm
i dont think we can b freinds
thks for everything bye

yepp its Gab 7:17 pm
Please justin

JiiGGy JuS 7:17 pm

yepp its Gab 7:18 pm

JiiGGy JuS 7:18 pm
Deborah Cox - We Can't Be Friends

yepp its Gab 7:18 pm

yepp its Gab 7:20 pm
Dean will see it n spazz u juss don't care
Funny thing is u promised me.
Not like that ever ment shit to you to begin with

JiiGGy JuS 7:27 pm
chill out leeem finish blogging like its a pciture not like a sextape
my god
really after this its done i cant its 2009 not 1864 for real

yepp its Gab 7:28 pm
Whatever good bye.
I'm dead bout to call yah mom

JiiGGy JuS 8:02 pm
its gone

yepp its Gab 8:03 pm
Thank you enjoy life

JiiGGy JuS 8:03 pm

yepp its Gab 8:04 pm
Its still there son delete it
For attention you would sell yah soul to the fucking devil

JiiGGy JuS 10:49 pm
leave me ALONE !

yepp its Gab 10:50 pm
Nah son leave me the fuck alone
Why can't u just leave me alone dead ass you ganna make me do some drastic shit
I'm so serious stop putting me out there like I'm one of ur hoes cuz I'm not
Stop using me as a fucking guessing game so niggas can think something more of u cuz its fucking corny
Grow up move an an stay the fuck away from me

JiiGGy JuS 10:51 pm
suck my dick
fall back

yepp its Gab 10:51 pm
Yo put it up one more time justin
Dead ass

JiiGGy JuS 10:52 pm
stay off my FB dead ass
yepp its Gab 10:52 pm
Disrespect me one more time an I will not hesitate to do what ever I fucking can
stop putting it up u fucking corn

JiiGGy JuS 10:52 pm
u not my firend
yepp its Gab 10:52 pm
Like really is it that serious?

JiiGGy JuS 10:52 pm
we dont have the same friends
eat a dick

yepp its Gab 10:53 pm
My cousin seen it u stupid inconsiderate prick
An that's me an my body you putting out there
Don't violate
Iight like I said put it up there one more time.
An ill do what I have to to make sure its down
Your on some other shit its pathetic
Your fucking CRAZY
On some g shit yu should of slit yah wrist the mother fucin correct way an kilt yahself the first time


as much as it hurts we gonna have to say goodbye 12.13.07 x/3

My Favorite Movie

New French Montana Freestyle

Is the Wave Over ?

From being on the top of a surf board too sitting in the cell max b's boice can still be heard in the streets of the tri-state area.

but damn son 75 years... smh you shoulda copped a plea and did 8 years fam... no beating 75 unless he got God as his lawyer, judge, and jury

hold ya head Bigga. OwWwWwWw !

Artist Spotlight - T Shaun (King of the Pocono's) <--- IDK i might have to take that title soon playboy !

The Son of a Hip Hop Pioneer Kangol Kid (Roxanne), T Shaun is a bright star in the sky. He is deeply passionate about his music and the craft. he owns a recording studio and has years under his belt in the music game. He's my personal homie and a great business minded man. I respect the movement fam you got my co-sign.

Watchu Say Remix | Upload Music

Niggas Ain't Shit


Be careful who you call friends and family... they will stab u in the back easily.

It's weird when you speak to your "Dad... but yet he wasn't your Father..