Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I've Been Aired Out Today... LMFAO

Meet Emmanuela, Amy, Manu, W.e...

Nah Blow Me Nigga. Look already you commenting her and shit, I kno how u fucking work. Your a fucking low life, that's what u are, DONT FUCK WITH MY GIRLS THO !! Fuck is wrong with u That's my bitch what r u syaing. She was at my party u fucking dick. Nah that's why u will never have a wifey Cause ur a fucking slut. You wanna fuck me and everyone else but NO NIGGA, I'm tired of you puttin me threw mad shit. You think this is all funny too prolly gonna BLOG THIS... w.e One nigga, u ain't shit !!

--- Ex Girl 11.24.09

White girls getting Gully now ?

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